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HSREC primary mission is to support health policies in Romania through its activity and also with the help of the scientific evidence that the Center is providing.
The main activities of the Centre - providing technical assistance in public health and health management, applied research, development of methodologies for analysis and evaluation, professional editing publications - blends harmoniously with the other NSPHMPDB departments’ activities.
Thus, the Centre sphere of activity includes training activities, consultancy and analysis, development of skills in evidence based medicine field in Romania.
The Center is thus in constant interaction with healthcare decision-making institutions - the Ministry of Health (MoH), National House of Health Insurance (NHHI), but also with direct health care providers - hospitals and other types of healthcare units - both public and private. Also, the Center is keeping in touch with professionals in the research field both at Romanian and international level.

The Center operates and has expertise in the following areas: DRG, public health research and evidence-based medicine.

  1. DRG
    In this area, the Center mission involves developing and improving financing of health units and providing a high level professional advice on DRG data. For this reason, the analyzes provided by the Center based on the collected data are of real value in health policy decisions making, and are frequently requested by the Ministry of Health or the National House of Health Insurance. Also, research studies on issues surrounding the DRG system are appreciated by public and private partners.
    SNSPMPDSB was, starting with the introduction of the DRG system in Romania, the central institution for analysis, implementation and development of this system, together with institutions of the Romanian health system decision making. Currently, the Center receives reports of all hospitals in Romania under contract with the NHHI, managing national DRG database.
    Through the activities developed by the professional team in the Center, the exchange of information between hospital health care providers, funder and MoH is carried out interactively and with increased efficiency.
    These activities include electronic data collection on discharged patients, validation and classification of patients, and the evaluation of activities and also the performance evaluation of health care service providers, the quality of health care services, monitoring the standards of quality regarding the collected data, methodology proposal regarding tariff calculation.
    Also, the Center experts study and elaborate proposals on the development of the patients’ classification system and costing methodologies.
    Participate in the development of methods for the adjustment of hospital funding, and also in the elaboration of some management performance evaluation criteria and tools for their comparative evaluation.
    At the request of various users (hospitals, public or private institutions), the Center participates in various studies and provides reports and analysis. Programs developed for MoH, published studies, collaboration with private medical and research institutions is a testify to that effect.

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    Requests for studies, analysis or training on the areas of activity described above can be sent to the address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and fax numbers 021.2118300 / 021.2523014.

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