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Evidence based practice information sheets for health professionals – Translations with JBI permission

[full text] 1. Music – a type of intervention in hospitals
[full text] 2. Patient management in day surgery
[full text] 3. Strategies to reduce medication errors in elderly persons

Health Services Management

This paper is a great publishing event, for all forms of university education which train social assistants, sociologists and medical personnel with interest in management

Private costs on health, Romania 1996-1999

Results and conclusions of the study could be used to adjust the reform strategy, taking into account the possibilities for people to contribute with their own resources, additional financing of health services, as well as the impact of the measures of access to health services. The study also reveals the financial burden on family budgets, especially among disadvantaged groups.

Quality Management - Continuous improvement of quality in health care services

The paper is the first book in Romania that deals with the concept of quality applied to the health system. The book is aimed first and foremost managers of establishments providing health services, health insurance houses and health departments, providing an implementing methodology for continuous quality improvement process.

Medical practice management in primary care

Trainer's Manual-Volume I and II Course support - Volume III



Published with support from UNICEF, elaborated with support of USAID, work is the result of collaboration between the IMSS and JSI within the Reproductive Health Initiatives project..

Manual aims to improve management capacity of service providers in the context of health system reform in Romania.

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» A comparison of health system responses to COVID-19 in Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania in 2020
» Retrospective analysis and time series forecasting with automated machine learning of ascariasis, enterobiasis and cystic echinococcosis in Romania
» Balancing financial incentives during COVID-19: a comparison of provider payment adjustments across 20 countries
» The Use of Minimal Invasive Surgery versus Open Approach in Hospitalized Cases. A Study Analysis of the DRG Romanian Database 2008-2018
» N-Pep-12 supplementation after ischemic stroke positively impacts frequency domain QEEG
» Romanian GPs Involvement in Caring for the Mental Health Problems of the Elderly Population: A Cross-Sectional Study
» Resource use during systematic review production varies widely: a scoping review
» Societal Cost of Ischemic Stroke in Romania: Results from a Retrospective County-Level Study
» "Top-Three" health reforms in 31 high-income countries in 2018 and 2019: an expert informed overview
» To what extent is Romania prepared to join Health Technology Assessment cooperation at european level
» Rapid assessment of other technologies using the HTA Core Model®for Rapid Relative Effectiveness Assessment: Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulation Systems for Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Project ID: OTCA21
» Rapid assessment of other technologies using the HTA Core Model®for Rapid Relative Effectiveness Assessment: Biodegradable Rectum Spacers to Reduce Toxicity for Prostate Cancer Project ID: OTCA23
» Incidence and time trend of hip fractures in romania: a nationwide study from 2008 to 2018
» Hospital reforms in 11 Central and Eastern European countries between 2008 and 2019: a comparative analysis
» Aggressive Behaviors among 15–16-Year-Old Romanian High School Students: Results from Two Consecutive Surveys Related to Alcohol and Other Drug Use at the European Level
» Time Series Analysis and Forecasting with Automated Machine Learning on a National ICD-10 Database


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