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[2006] [.pdf full text] Manual pentru cursul de management spitalicesc

[2006] Manual pentru cursul de management pentru directorii de îngrijiri (vezi si ANEXE)

   [2006] [.pdf full text] Promovarea sănătăţii şi educaţie pentru sănătate


[2006] [.pdf full text] Elaborarea materialelor de informare şi educare pentru promovarea sănătăţii şi educaţie pentru sănătate; ghid metodologic naţional




In cadrul proiectului “Imbunatatirea controlului tuberculozei la copii”, finantat de catre Fondul Global de lupta impotriva HIV/SIDA, Tuberculozei si Malariei si implementat de catre SNSPMS, au fost elaborate urmatoarele lucrari:

[2006] [.pdf full text] Ghidul pentru diagnosticul si tratamentul tuberculozei la copii


[2006] [.pdf full text] Ghidul pacientului


[2005] [.pdf full text] Cartea de povesti destinata copiilor cu varsta intre 2-9 ani, in care sunt prezentate cateva notiuni referitoare la simptomatologia si tratamentul tuberculozei la copii (retipărită 2006)


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» A comparison of health system responses to COVID-19 in Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania in 2020
» Retrospective analysis and time series forecasting with automated machine learning of ascariasis, enterobiasis and cystic echinococcosis in Romania
» Balancing financial incentives during COVID-19: a comparison of provider payment adjustments across 20 countries
» The Use of Minimal Invasive Surgery versus Open Approach in Hospitalized Cases. A Study Analysis of the DRG Romanian Database 2008-2018
» N-Pep-12 supplementation after ischemic stroke positively impacts frequency domain QEEG
» Romanian GPs Involvement in Caring for the Mental Health Problems of the Elderly Population: A Cross-Sectional Study
» Resource use during systematic review production varies widely: a scoping review
» Societal Cost of Ischemic Stroke in Romania: Results from a Retrospective County-Level Study
» "Top-Three" health reforms in 31 high-income countries in 2018 and 2019: an expert informed overview
» To what extent is Romania prepared to join Health Technology Assessment cooperation at european level
» Rapid assessment of other technologies using the HTA Core Model®for Rapid Relative Effectiveness Assessment: Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulation Systems for Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Project ID: OTCA21
» Rapid assessment of other technologies using the HTA Core Model®for Rapid Relative Effectiveness Assessment: Biodegradable Rectum Spacers to Reduce Toxicity for Prostate Cancer Project ID: OTCA23
» Incidence and time trend of hip fractures in romania: a nationwide study from 2008 to 2018
» Hospital reforms in 11 Central and Eastern European countries between 2008 and 2019: a comparative analysis
» Aggressive Behaviors among 15–16-Year-Old Romanian High School Students: Results from Two Consecutive Surveys Related to Alcohol and Other Drug Use at the European Level
» Time Series Analysis and Forecasting with Automated Machine Learning on a National ICD-10 Database


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